Moving Thailand Forward

Thailand is voting for its next Government this month. All eyes are on the possibility that the Pheu Thai party along with Move Forward Party might form a coalition that would capture more than the 376 seats needed in the parliament to form Thailand’s next government

The Parliament consists of only 500 members, but the Senate consists of members appointed by the current power holders and they are likely to cast their 250 votes for a continuation of the current political parties behind the current government.

That is why the people’s votes may not end in a people’s government unless they can muster this overwhelming majority of 376 seats in the 500 member Parliament.

Should it happen, though, it is worth remembering that previous Pheu Thai governments were in no way more democratic than the current government and in no way less corrupt than the current government. Painful as it may seem to some, it might be better for Move Forward Party not to soil themselves by entering a coalition with Pheu Thai. Other parties, such as the Democrat Party or the Bhumjaithai Party, could be more traditional Thai politics partners for Pheu Thai.

However, even if a coalition were to secure a majority in the Parliament, they would still need to negotiate with the Senate and potentially other parties to form a government. In practice, this means that the balance of power can be influenced by factors beyond just the number of seats held by different parties.

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