New Danish pastor to Thailand selected

Nicolaj Stubbe Hørlyck will be new pastor at the Danish Church Thailand starting from 1. September 2024. He replaces previous pastor Christa Lund Herum who has already left for Denmark.

Nicolaj, who is today a pastor at Brorsons Church in Copenhagen, is accompanied by his wife Anna Kirstine Stubbe Hørlyck.

“I am looking forward to being a pastor for the Danes in Thailand in the future,” says Nicolaj Stubbe Hørlyck about his new challenges.

“In addition to being part of the Danish embassy’s emergency services as a social attaché, and thereby meeting Danes in many different life situations, I look forward to being involved in the development of the Danish Church House in Bangkok together with the church council,” he adds.

“It will be exciting and challenging to live in one of Asia’s big hectic metropolises, and at the same time I am looking forward to getting out into the country and meeting both permanent residents and tourists and finding out which offers from the Danish Church Thailand may be relevant to them.”

“There has only been one Danish priest in Thailand for seven years, so there is still a lot that is being built, and I am really looking forward to being part of it already from 1 September.”

Chairman of the Church Council of the Danish Church Thailand, Jacob Brodal adds, that the selection and employment of Nicolaj as the new Pastor has been done by the Church Council in Thailand in cooperation with the DSUK in Denmark, which is the Headquarters of the combined Danish Church Abroad  and Danish Seamen’s Church.

After his interview in Bangkok, Nicolaj Stubbe Hørlyck updated his cover photo on Facebook with the following  photo.

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