Get ready for another Christmas Bazaar in Bangkok

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Save the date for the 26 November 2023 and come to Gaysorn Urban Resort to celebrate this year’s Danish Christmas Bazaar in Bangkok.

Get ready for a Nordic Christmas spirit, when Danish Women’s Network (DWN) and Danish Church Thailand collaborate yet again to keep Danish traditions alive whilst raising money to both the church and other good causes.

Between 11am and 6pm on the November Sunday you can experience Lucia parades, ‘gløgg and æbleskiver’ and DWN’s own stand with homemade Christmas decorations – just to mention a few.

Æbleskiver being sold at a previous Christmas Bazaar.
A way to remember our roots

The Christmas Bazaar idea started back in December 2018, and is now a common concept amongst the international Danish churches with the aim of raising money whilst maintaining our traditions and giving expats a feeling of ‘home.’

So DWN and the Danish Church Thailand came together and created a special, Nordic bazaar to do that exactly. It’s also a way to promote the Danish culture and give other people an opportunity to experience it.

The typical Lucia parade tradition at a previous bazaar.
Supporting greater causes

Since the bazaar is based on a collaboration between the church and DWN, they also split the profit fairly. As for the church, it’s partially self-financed so their profit mainly goes to the institution. But as for DWN, they use all their profit to support “Children of the Forest (COF)” which is project who supports refugee children at the border between Thailand and Myanmar.

DWN has supported them for 15 years now, and COF helps the families with anything from getting registered at the authorities to offering free education for the kids so they can learn Thai and other basics. They also contribute with an orphanage as well as a center for mothers who need urgent help. And lastly they help the stateless families around the area and offer them food, clothes, school transportation and medicine.

The relationship between DWN and COF is therefore pretty close by now, and DWN expresses gratefulness for the partnership, as they get to see how it truly works an practise every time they visit them.

Kids meeting Santa Claus at the bazaar.
It’s all worth it

Danish Christmas Bazaar experience lots of support from both Scandinavian, foreign and Thai communities, and feel like they have found a good way to bring people together every year.

Unique about the bazaar is also the several family activities – like meeting Santa Claus –  which might not be seen in other Christmas markets in Bangkok.

“It’s a lot of work, but we’re happy that we can spread Christmas cheer and fun for everyone – and support some great causes at the same time,” the Bazaar concludes.

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