“New” drone observations at Danish Oil field Roar in North Sea

Several drones has been observed near Danish and Norwegian oil- and gas fields in the North Sea after assumed sabotage on North STream 1 and 2.

Several indications of drone activity has been reported at both Norwegian and Danish oil- and gas fields.

Latest, a report on drone activity at Danish gas field Roar this weekend hit online media Danish Offshore Industry. Roar is situated in the North Sea around 230 kilometers ashore from Esbjerg in Western Jutland.

Andreas Graa, assistant professor at Institute of Military Technology at Danish Military of Defence, assesses one motive behind the observed drones to be an attempt to increase insecurity related to the energy supply to Western and Northern Europe. Another motive could be espionage with the purpose of further espionage. Andreas’ suggestions assumes that evil-minded intensions are the reason for the drone observations.

Very little information on the drone activity has so far been broadcasted.

As reported by Danish public-service media DR, records of drone activity near Danish gas field Halfdan B was obtained last week, while drones were observed near several Norwegian gas- and oil fields.

According to Norwegian VG, Norwegian authorities reacted by initiating a drone sensor system for identification of potential drone activities and introducing F35-flight patrols along the Norwegian coastline.

The drone activities contribute to rising concerns throughout Europe, says Andreas Graae, while adding that it is reasonable to assume the sightings of drones near Danish oil- and gas fields to be related to the sightings in Norway.

However, Andreas Graae has no suggestion to who might be behind the drone activities.

– No available information can tell us anything. One might speculate that someone could have a motive to destabilize the Western democracies and increase insecurity related to energy supplies during a cold winter, he says to DR.

He further points to the fact that the Danish Authorities has several reasons for a potentional withholding of information.

– It might be the case that they’re cautios not to contribute to speculations, but it can also be the case, that no one knows what’s going on or who is responsible.”

Andreas Graae however clearly states that it is certain the observed drones are of “professional” drone models as they have been sighted far away from shore.

Source: https://www.dr.dk/nyheder/indland/ekspert-peger-paa-mulige-aarsager-til-droneaktivitet-i-nordsoeen

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