New study: Danes’ desire to travel is enormous, Thailand is a top destination


A new study from the Danish travel provider Spies shows that 5 out of 10 Danes have saved more than usual during the corona pandemic. And when the world opens up again, it’s primarily a trip abroad that 70 percent of the respondents intend to spend their savings on, the company says in a recent press release. Thailand remains a top destination and bookings for July to September have increased sharply within the last few weeks.

Spies’ Travel Panel study from April had a total of 3,135 respondents. More than half of them (53%) of the participants are now beginning to see an end to the pandemic and are more likely to book a trip now than a month ago.

The survey also showed that 15 percent intend to travel more often than before. Only 1 percent expect to travel less frequently, and for 79 percent, the travel frequency will remain unchanged in the future.

Jan Vendelbo, CEO of Spies explains, “The desire to travel among Danes is enormous right now. Demand for summer travel has increased by 60 percent compared to three weeks ago, and we see that bookings have increased by 90 percent for the period July-September.”

“Many have saved up a little extra to soon be able to set off on a long-awaited journey. People are also looking to pamper themselves with more luxury, and therefore many have booked a room with direct pool access, a better hotel, or want to treat themselves to extra good food and drink during the holidays. We can also see that many want to go on that “Once in a lifetime journey”. Destinations such as the Maldives, Thailand, and Mauritius are selling really well right now,” Jan Vendelbo says.

The survey shows that about 8 out of 10 plan to spend roughly as much money as usual on their trip, while one in 10 responds say they intend to spend more money on their next trip abroad. 57 percent of the respondents opt for a better and more luxurious hotel with nice rooms and facilities while 35 percent are looking to spend more money on food, beverages, and restaurant visits. In addition, 27 percent plan to use more money on upgrades on the plane.

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