Why education is the best gift we can give our children?

King' s College
by Thomas Banyard, Headmaster,
King’s College International School Bangkok

At King’s College International School Bangkok, teachers work hard so that happy children grow into successful adults who make a positive difference to society. At the end of our first term, 100% of parents reported that their child was happy to come to school and that they were happy with their well-rounded development. Having 25 nationalities allows our students to experience a truly diverse community based on the values of kindness, good manners and wisdom. So why do we feel that education is the best thing we can give our children?

With the rise of AI, the increased need to harness technology, and globalisation, our children’s workplace will be different from ours. We do not know what challenges our children will face, but they will need to work with a diverse range of people, understand other cultures, and value difference. Our students make friends from different backgrounds and collaborate with students around the world. As well as their classmates, we are fortunate to be in a network of schools with campuses in the UK, China and France, with more planned in the future. The chance to work with children living elsewhere, to go on exchanges and to build networks, is fantastic preparation for a 21st century career.

However, world-class education goes beyond exposure to different countries and cultures. On top of this, our students must have a clear values framework so that they know how to interact, work with and respect people from any walk of life. King’s Bangkok students are taught how to build positive relationships and to empathise, an essential skill for today’s leaders.

Alongside an international mindset and a values-driven approach must be rigorous academic standards. We are fortunate to have the full support of King’s Wimbledon, which is one of the world’s most academically successful schools. We have developed their curriculum, structures and policies to build on nearly 200 years of experience. Furthermore, they helped us recruit the best possible teachers by interviewing all of our classroom teachers to ensure parity across the schools. In fact, we will have 6 teachers who previously taught at King’s Wimbledon; four of them including myself will teach Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths in the senior school this August. With their support and our focus on mastery of the English language, we will ensure that our children go to the best universities..

If you are interested in finding out more about the education we offer, please visit our beautiful campus in the Rama 3 area.
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