New Study: Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand amongst countries that has handled the pandemic best


According to a new study released by the Sydney Lowy Institute, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand are amongst the countries in the world which have handled the pandemic best.

The independent Australian think tank has assessed nearly 100 countries on six different criteria, including the number of tests, infections, and corona-related deaths. These indicators overall point in the direction of how well or how poorly countries have handled the pandemic.

The study concludes that Brazil’s handling of the corona pandemic has been ranked as the world’s worst, while New Zealand is the country that has performed best. Other countries that have had success with the corona strategy include Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Rwanda, Iceland, Australia, and Latvia.

Countries like Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan have largely kept the virus out of the door with border closures and an early, hard shutdown of the country. In total, about 1,650 cases of infection and 35 corona deaths have been recorded in Vietnam, where over 96 million live. Thailand is currently experiencing the country’s second wave of infections with about 16,000 cases reported and 76 corona-related deaths. Taiwan has only 7 corona related deaths reported out of nearly 900 cases of infection.

Denmark is number 23 on the list, while Norway is number 18 and Sweden number 37.

China, where the virus was first discovered, has not been included in the study. This is because the think tank has assessed that there has not been enough data available from the Chinese authorities.

Source: Nord Jyske

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