New VAT rules create problems for Danes ordering goods from outside the EU and from Asia 

New VAT rules on packages from non-EU countries have created problems for Denmark’s postal service PostNord because errors in their payment system mean that customers can not pay customs duties and thus are not allowed to collect their goods bought from non-EU countries. 

BT writes that one of these customers is Bjørn Andersen who was not allowed to pick up his package from China. According to him, it was because PostNord has been experiencing such major problems with their payment system that he could not succeed to pay the customs duty. And without paying customs duties, he could not pick up his package.

On 1 July new VAT rules were enforced in Denmark meaning all packages entering Denmark from a non-EU country are subject to an additional customs fee of DKK 160. PostNord has since had some technical difficulties in relation to the new rules, which has meant that some shipments have been significantly delayed.

Bjørn Andersen said to BT that it was really frustrating. “I had a couple of bike wheels from China that I needed to use and I could not, which was tiring.” He explained that he had contacted PostNord on several occasions in an attempt to find a solution to the problem.

“I do not understand that there is no alternative payment method. They say that they work hard fixing the problem, but it seems as if they are not geared at all to handle the new customs rules,” he said.  

Eventually, Bjørn Andersen managed to pay the customs duty via an alternative payment method and has now received his package from China. Michael Frölich, Deputy Director of PostNord, acknowledges that the company has had start-up problems but says to BT that they are almost all fixed now. 

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  1. Yes Postnord is really bad in denmark because of this. I buy many packages from outside EU and everytime I get a 22€ fee for custom clearance even if there is no need for it and the time I have to wait is incredible long. Even if the IOSS number is on the package, I get charged double VAT. I have lost hundreds of euro because of that in the last 2 month.

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