NISS Campus partners with South Hangqiao government and DI-Asia Base

As part of NISS Campus (Nordic Innovation and Sustainability Shanghai)’s project of building a new landmark zero-carbon campus in the new development area in Minhang district, the NISS team has entered into a new partnership with the local government and company DI-Asia Base. 

NISS Campus is the future location of sustainable collaborations between Nordic companies and China and NISS Campus says that through this partnership, they have found a new office location at the Hongqiao Hub for NISS partners available already now, with the best VAT, tax, and rent conditions in Shanghai.

Hongqiao has already developed into an important hub with the airport, the high-speed train station, and the CIIE. In the coming years, two new metro lines will also be built as well as a regional train connecting westwards.

Highlights from the agreement are an offering of up to 95% refund of local income tax and VAT payments (equals effective tax reduction of 19% compared to regular Shanghai level, and 31% VAT reduction). There are also reductions on personal income tax, NISS Campus states.

The partnership with DI-Asia Base means that they will broaden their service offering of recruiting, office management, finance, and HR to all Nordic companies registering in South Hongqiao.

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Source: SwedCham China


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