Nordic Embassies in Myanmar highlights EU Humanitarian action

Photo: European Union in Myanmar

Following World Humanitarian Day, the Nordic Embassies of FinlandDenmark, and Sweden in Myanmar share the European Union in Myanmar’s statement regarding the organizations continuing work to secure the safety of humanitarian workers and crisis-affected Myanmar citizens. 

The statement reads:

On 19 August, the world celebrates World Humanitarian Day to praise the humanitarian workers serving in crisis contexts around the globe. Right now in Myanmar, during the coronavirus pandemic and in the aftermath of the February 1 events, humanitarians and aid workers are working against all odds to deliver aid in even more difficult conditions. They are invaluable, and they are #NotATarget.

Through multiple projects, the EU in Myanmar endeavors to address the immediate needs of crisis-affected girls, boys, women, and men; and to strengthen the resilience of crisis-affected and at-risk populations. 

The EU in Myanmar advocates for the safety and security of humanitarian aid workers and the survival, well-being, and dignity of women, men, girls, and boys affected by the crises. International Humanitarian Law must be respected to protect humanitarian aid workers and civilians.

The European Commission is determined to strengthen its global humanitarian impact to meet the rising needs exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has recently proposed a series of key actions to fill in the existing gaps and help safeguard future deliveries of assistance to those who need it most. #StrongerTogether 

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Photo: European Union in Myanmar
Photo: European Union in Myanmar

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