Norway update travel restrictions effective from 13 Dec

From 13 December 2020, the rules for quarantine hotels upon entry into Norway have been changed, according to Norwegian Government’s announcement on the same day.

The most important changes are as follows:

• Those who can document permanent housing in Norway can stay there during the time of quarantine, regardless of whether the residence is owned or rented. You should have the opportunity to stay in your own home during the time of quarantine. Leisure properties will not be considered as ′′permanent residence′′ after the provision as these are not normally the person’s permanent home, but can still be considered a suitable place for quarantine.

• People who have a different purpose for their stay other than work or assignment can also stay in a place other than quarantine hotel if it can be documented that they have a suitable place to stay. For example, these can be holiday homes, hotels and other places of residence that are at the disposal of the traveler. The suitable place of residence must have a private room, access to your own bathroom, own kitchen or food service, and it must be possible to avoid close contact with others.

• The traveler shall present a confirmation that the place of residence fulfils the requirements of the person who makes the place of residence available. A standard form for the confirmation is on the website and This will not apply to those who spend the quarantine time in their own homes, regardless of whether the home is owned or rented.

• Exceptions for those who are married to or have common children with a person who has permanent residence in Norway, and their underage children. This group can carry out the quarantine in the home of the spouse in Norway, or the other parent.

• People in the same household who travel together to Norway, who are not going to work or have a mission, can be in the entrance quarantine at the same suitable place of residence, without asking for a single room for everyone in the household.

• The exception for work and assignments is maintained. This group only receives exceptions from quarantine hotel if the employer or employer ′′ ensures ′′ a suitable place where it is possible to avoid close contact with others, with private rooms with TV and internet, private bathroom, and own kitchen or food service, and confirmation can be provided on this.

• A new exception has also been made for drivers in long transport and allied military departments. This is an impact adjustment due to these groups having their own quarantine rules.

• The equity of the employer and employer for the worker and assignment’s stay at the quarantine hotel will be reduced from NOK 1500 to NOK 500 per day. Private persons who stay in quarantine hotels during the time of quarantine should pay a deductible of NOK 500 per day. Children under 10 who live in rooms with guardians should not pay deductible. For children aged 10 to 18 years old, the deductible is NOK 250 per day.

• The government is changing the regulations of the covid-19 so that people can get exemptions from entry quarantine to visit loved ones who are seriously ill or participate in the funeral or funeral of loved one. The exception to quarantine duty will only apply to the completion of the relevant purpose for which the exemption is granted. Quarantine will otherwise apply. It is the municipal doctor who can give such a derogation.

Relevant material

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