Norwegian Foreign Minister: Progress with China

Foreign Minister of Norway, Espen Barth Eide, says that there is positive movement and dialogue at a great level between Norway and China.

During a review of foreign policy in the Norwegian Parliament Tuesday, Eide stated that the Nobel Peace Award in 2010 has harmed relations between Norway and China. The Chinese claim that the award was meddling with internal Chinese affairs. The government recognise that the situation has had negative consequences.   It all started when Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the prize to an incarcerated Chinese man, Liu Xiaobo. China reacted strongly, saying that relations between their two countries had been damaged.

He said that the government is working actively on improving the bilateral relationship and that Norway appreciates Chinas understanding and cooperating to stabilize connections between the two countries in the dialogue that is now taking place.

“There is positive movements and dialogue on a great level between Norway and China,” Eide later said to NTB.