Prince Christian of Denmark throws 18 year birthday party for over 200 Danes

Prince Christian of Denmark waving to the public at Amalienborg. Photo: @detdanskekongehus/Instagram

Prince Christian of Denmark, turned 18 years old on 15 October 2023. Being of legal age and heir to the throne, the young man kicked off his adult life with a grand celebration at Christiansborg Castle.

He opened with a speech, thanking his family for their support and tried to describe his extraordinary current position.

“Of course I want to be the best possible heir to the throne, but I’m definitely going to fall short. I can’t deliver perfection, because what is perfection anyway?” he said.

“But I can promise dedication. I will give everything I have and I will learn everything I can.”

Prince Christian during his speech. Photo: @detdanskekongehus/Instagram
Special guests

It wasn’t just fellow royals, family and ministers who attended Prince Christian of Denmark’s birthday party.

Two citizens from every municipality at the same age were also invited to the celebration, as well as well-known young people from the world of culture and sports.

He mentioned them in his speech too, acknowledging their calming presence and explained how they all share the fact, that they’re now entering adult life.

“We are not the same, but we are at the same place in life. We have something in common, and tonight is new for all of us. It makes it a little easier, and I need that right now,” he said, referring to the fact that he was naturally nervous about being the center of attention on the day.

A big task ahead

His grandmother, Queen Margrethe of Denmark, gave the new adult some encouraging words at the party, trying to ease the pressure of his path.

Queen Margrethe in her red dress during her speech to Prince Christian. Photo: Nicklas Linares/Ritzau Scanpix

“You become a link in the long, historical chain that has tied our country together for centuries. It can sound daunting when you’re 18 years young. It’s a challenge, but there’s also a comfort in knowing where you’re going and knowing that others have stood in the same place and walked the same path,” she said.

After dinner, attendees could enjoy a festive concert in the Knight’s Hall at the palace.

At the concert after dinner. Photo: @detdanskekongehus/Instagram

Source: Danmarks Radio 

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