TikTok makes it easier for Scandinavians and Southeast Asians to earn money

Earlier in 2023 the Chinese owned platform TikTok announced that users could now earn money without posting content on the app – instead they could get an income by creating filters and effects for others to use. At first this opportunity was only available to France, the US, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK users. But now it’s coming to users also in Finland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines too, just to mention a few.

TikTok allocated $6 million to this fund  into the so-called Effect Creator Rewards Fund which aims to support creators of augmented reality effects and viral filters, who can then showcase their talent on the app whilst earning an income.

But there are requirements for the job. One needs to have a minimum amount of followers and views, be at least 18 years old and have an account that abides by the guidelines of the app.

Source: Minute Mirror

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