Professor: Vietnam should join the race for 6G like Finland and China

Vietnam should launch further research and development work for the 6G wireless network right now. (Source: Internet)

Several countries have joined the race for 6G network development, including Finland, China, Japan, the US and the Republic of Korea and Vietnam should do the same, says an industry insider to Vietnam Plus.

The sixth-generation (6G) commercial network is expected to be introduced in 2030 and even though Vietnam only recently launched 5G services on a trial basis, the country should launch further research and development work for the 6G wireless network now.

Associate Professor, Dr. Pham Thanh Giang, from the Institute of Information and Technology at the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology said that early involvement in 6G research and design would benefit enterprises a great deal and once they own patents related to communications standards they would be able to reap substantial benefits through selling software and equipment.

With 6G network, it is expected that we will also see a super-smart society with smart houses, smart transport, and smart cities, to improve quality of life for citizens and though Vietnam has no infrastructure research for 6G development, it made relevant preparations while branching out its 5G network, Giang said. Adding that Vietnam also tapped into how to optimize and control the new-generation wireless network while sharpening its focus on AI development.

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