Danish Trade Counsellor, Thailand: Referendum no impact on Danish businesses

The Thai people voted ‘yes’ for a new constitution, on the referendum held on the 7 Ausgust 2016. Peter Sand, Trade Counselor at the Danish Embassy in Bangkok, is certain that the result will not bring uncertainty to Danish businesses active in the country.

“The result of the referendum does not make it harder for Danish businesses here,” he says to ScandAsia.

“Today, Danish businesses show that they can operate in a political climate that is a little special. We think more Danish businesses should engage in Thailand, because of the unexploited potential vested in the country,” Peter Sand adds.

Both the European Union and the United States have urged the government in Thailand to improve freedom of press and to arrange general elections soon. Such reactions could, potentially, generate disturbances for Western businesses in Thailand, including Danish or other Scandinavian companies.

“Most Western governments and organizations hoped for a different result, we can see that on their reactions to the referendum” Peter Sand says.

“However, we believe the prospects for Danish businesses in Thailand are very good. The Danish Embassy and Trade Council experience great interest from companies that want to speak to us about doing business in Thailand,” he explains.

20160804_114318 (Retouch)
Peter Sand, Trade Counsellor at the Danish Embassy in Bangkok

Numbers from the Danish Export Council reveal that the Danish export of goods to Thailand has declined in the first quarter of 2016, compared to the same period in 2015. However, Peter Sand is not concerned.

“You have to be careful about the export numbers, because they variate lot. But we expect the export of goods to increase in the second quarter of 2016,” he says.

“But there are so many things going on in Thailand, which the export numbers do not tell. Take for instance Pandora and Royal Copenhagen that have production out here. The export numbers do not include them, but they are also very important to Denmark’s economy and the Danish society at large,” Peter Sand adds.

The Danish Trade Counselor is therefore confident that the referendum will not influence Danish business activities in Thailand.

“The number of businesses that come to us for help have not declined in recent years and we do not expect a drop in the future,” Peter Sand says.

Businessmen interested in discussin this with the Danish Counselor, are welcome to contact him directly:

PETER SAND / [email protected]
DIRECT +66 2343-1125 / MOBILE +66 89-204-9098

PHONE +66 (0) 2343 1100 / THAILAND.UM.DK

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