Rugby School Thailand appoints Swedish Elite coach and Swedish Olympian swimmer

The Marko-Varga family on their way to new swimming adventures in Thailand. Mother Ida is aiming for her fifth straight Olympics together with her husband Sebastian and children Vincent and Evelyn. Photo: PRIVATE

Rugby School Thailand has welcomed Swedish Elite coach Sebastian Marko-Varga and his wife 4-time Olympian swimmer Ida Marko-Varga. Late summer last year the couple sold everything they owned in Sweden and moved to Thailand with their two children to work at the private co-educational British international school, Rugby School Thailand, in Chonburi Thailand.

Sebastian Marko-Varga is appointed as Rugby school Thailand’s new Director of Aquatics. Sebastian has a long and impressive CV as an elite coach in Malmö in Sweden, Stavanger in Norway, and Kastrup in Denmark and left his previous job as Head Coach of Swimming Club Poseidon in Lund, Sweden to embark on their new adventures in Thailand.

Ida Marko-Varga has been appointed as one of Rugby School Thailand’s key Swimming Coaches. The 4-time Olympian has previously represented Sweden at Athens, Beijing, London, and Rio. Prior to COVID-19, Ida was preparing for the Tokyo Olympics and with approval from those responsible in the union, the Olympian plans to continue her Olympic efforts in Thailand.

According to Rugby School Thailand, Sebastian says that his biggest inspiration and source of information has been the journey with his wife as a professional swimmer and her four consecutive Olympic Games. He explains, “The challenges and the success on the way have been both inspiring and educational. I know what it takes because I have lived 24/7 with a world-class swimmer for over 13 years.”

Rugby School in Thailand looks forward to the incredible guidance they will offer.

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