Finnish Wärtsilä and China Huaneng to develop sustainable power generation

Credit: Huaneng Jiangsu Co.

The Finnish technology group Wärtsilä has entered into a strategic cooperation framework agreement with China Huaneng Group’s provincial subsidiary Huaneng Jiangsu to work on renewable energy development in Jiangsu, China.

Using the internal combustion engine technology, the agreement aims to develop more sustainable and flexible power generation enabling a more renewable resources integration into the Jiangsu grid.

The Finnish technology group notes that the agreement aligns with the country’s energy security strategy of “four revolutions and one cooperation.” This includes lessening energy consumption, establishing a diversified energy supply system, upgrades to energy technology, and accelerating energy sector development. The strategy also aims to reinforce international cooperation to obtain energy security under open conditions.

Last year Wärtsilä released a new report which shows potential for G20 stimulus packages to accelerate energy transition towards renewable energy systems and economic recovery and Huaneng Jiangsu chairman Cao Qingwei stated Huaneng appreciates Wärtsilä willingness to cooperate and enhance EU-China cooperation on energy. He noted that it will help them to innovate and take advantage of market opportunities in ancillary services, such as frequency regulation and peak shaving in Jiangsu province and that that the implementation of ICE technology will help China to accelerate its transition towards clean energy.

Source: Power Technology

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