Saxo Bank opens in China


For the first time the Danish bank will have a department in China. According to Saxo Bank the new bank in Shanghai is a part of their strategy to strengthen their attendance in Asia.

The new Saxo Bank department will be placed in the finance district, Lujauazui, which is the free trade zone in Shanghai.

“We are excited about the opening of a new department in Shanghai’s free trade zone. We have noticed an increased trading volume and rising demand in this region, which has been in hasty growth since we openend our Asian head office in Singapore 9 years ago,” says founder Kim Fournais and owner Lars Seier Christensen in Saxo Bank’s press release.

Saxo Bank has chosen Echo Zhao to be local director for the Chinese-based Saxo Bank.

“We are happy to engage us further in Asia and the growing Chinese market,” Kim Fournais and Lars Seier Christensen say.

The Saxo Bank director for global business development, Shailendra Robin Patel, agrees with his Danish colleagues:

“In this region we have clients who are aware, technological advanced and receptive to information about investment. They have great knowledge about valuta, CFD’s and other financial products. The future of online trading will be determined by independent investors who are happy to scatter their investments and achieve new knowledge. The business model for Saxo Bank and their products suit perfectly for this environment and the Asian investors,” says Shailendra Robin Patel.

Det er især ønske nærhed til kunder, partnere og likviditetsudbydere, der har fået Saxo Bank til at satse på et egentligt repræsentationskontor.



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