Sino-Danish Centre students prepared for and welcomed to China

On 4 September 2015, Denmark’s newly appointed ambassador to China, A. Carsten Damsgaard, held presentation for 75 so called SDC students who study in china. SDC stands for Sino-Danish Centre. In collaboration between eight Danish universities and Chinese Academy of sciences, SDC offers seven different undergraduate courses in china.

During his presentation the ambassador informed about how the embassy and consulates on behalf of Denmark operate in china.


Prior to coming to China a seminar held in Middelfart, Denmark, prepared the students for going to Beijing. On 19 August the Danish SDC students met each other and the SDC secretariat at Severin Conference Center for some final information prior to departing for China.

The goal was to make the students feel ready for departure, stated Morten Laugesen, Deputy Director at Sino-Danish Center.

“One of the main reasons for arranging this 24hr seminar for our new SDC students is that we want them to be fully prepared for the adventures in Beijing. Studying at SDC is not like studying at a Danish university from which most of our students have graduated.”

“In a couple of weeks, their everyday life will be completely different. They’ll find themselves in a classroom with Chinese students, who see things very differently. They’ll be instructed by Chinese lecturers in ways that are different from what they are used to. They’ll live in a metropolis of more than 20 million inhabitants in which everyday life is organized in ways they are not familiar with.”

The seminar gives us an opportunity to inform the students of all this and at the same time it provides the students with an opportunity to ask all kinds of questions.”


The seminar introduced:
– Living and studying in Beijing, by former SDC-students
– China’s educational system
– Embracing cultural differences
– Information about the Master’s Programmes
– The SDC secretariat in Beijing, their role and how they can help students

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