Seamen’s church maps conditions of Thai-Norwegian children

In Thailand, a project called “Focus on Thai-Norwegian Children” is trying to map the conditions of the children with a Norwegian father and a Thai mother.

It was the priest in the Norwegian church in Pattaya, Jan Olav Johannessen,  who took the initiative. He applied with the Department of Children and Family for 1.8 million NOK for a two year project that would look into the                conditions of the Thai-Norwegian children. Through his work in Pattaya, Johannessen met many families who had it tough because the Norwegian father had a substance abuse, mental issues or both. The initiative came because he believed that the Norwegian society has a responsibility for these children.

After a longer processing, the department granted the project 700.000 NOK. The church  has also put in 200.000 NOK in the project on their own.

The church hired Astrid Veum Mydland to oversee the project. The past years she has lived in Thailand doing social work for the Lutheran church. She speaks Thai and is familiar with cultural and social challenges in the country.

The organizers of the project “Focus on Thai-Norwegian children” are asking for help in collecting data and have sent out questionnaires. They are looking for Norwegians who have children with a Thai and who are living in Thailand. The questionnaire is answered anonymously and will only take five minutes to complete.

In order to participate in the survey, all you need to do is to write your name, confirm that you wish to assist and send it to our email.