Serving Love 2021 Fundraising for SOS Hua Hin event was a success

“Serving love” is a fund raising event by Sang Foundation for SOS food rescue ( Scholars of sustenance ) foundation on 27 March 2021 at L’Occitan French restaurant Hua Hin. A sunny day along with fun filled kids activities plus dog adoption.

Started with Mrs Mutsumi Adachi, the organizer of the event, in her welcome speech:

“Some of you may not know me and some of you may have met me in our spiritual workshops. I am the Managing Director of OMROOM a healing center in Bangkok. TripAdvisor classed us under the Spa and wellness section.

I have done a lot of individual healings but I realized if we don’t raise the collective consciousness. It is difficult for an individual to feel happy especially when it concerns the young generation,

I think Covid gives us a chance to understand the impact of loosing tourists & increasing poverty in Hua Hin area, it was the reason why I have invited SOS food rescue to operate their office in Hua Hin as a priority after Covid crisis.

Sang Foundation started with Climate issues. Now we have a Changing Climate,Changing Lives Film Festival 2021 which were very fortunate and received a lot of sponsors each year to raise awareness in climate change issues.

The biggest mistake in our education system is based on the notion of separation. You are Canadian, I am Japanese. You are Thai and He is French.

Actually we are all one. One human race! I have invited my dear friend Akiko a sound singing bowl healing master from Kho Yai Noi and Stephanie, kundalini yoga teacher and Gong practitioner from Hua Hin to join us.

I also realised putting western medicine apart, the future of healing is music, vibration and frequencies. I’ve been around the world, been invited and have witnessed healing workshops with scientists. The future of healing is Frequencies, is vibrations. So please enjoy this day together and feel the change. “

Mrs. Mutsumi invited participants to join the circle to meditate together while Akiko from Shima Healing Institute welcomed participants with a warm smile and a “namaste” before enchanting the crowd with her mastery of Tibetan singing bowls performance.

Followed by the Kundalini Yoga Maestro Stephanie Sheperdson was leading the meditation with her warm, soothing voice together with her performance on Gongs brought participants into a serene atmosphere of meditation.

Next up was Akiko Igarachi from Shima Healing Institute from Koh Yao Noi with her mastery of Tibetan singing bowls performance welcomed participants with a warm smile and a namaste before enchanting the crowd with her skills. Example of Tibetan singing bowl sound:

Acoustic guitar by Noosolo and guest singer. Kim Alisha Cayne playing everyone’s all time favorite tunes to welcome arriving guests. Attendees were a mix of group age ranging from 6-80+ years old. Families poured in from the opening moment and rotating all day, chatting with organic vendors about the stories behind their products.

Next up on activity section was a Ju Jit Su and Thai boxing demonstration by 6-10 years old students from Elite fightclub Huahin.

After all the demonstrations were over, all athletes joined the circle for a meditation led by Adi’s gong and ’s Tibetan Singing bowls from Shima Healing Institute founder, Akiko San.
Soap Me Hua Hin

The rest of the day was more for the vendors representing their products. The variety was impressive from hand weaven traditional silk from Palima Thai Fashion, organic salad to-go, handmade earrings by children of Klong Toey community in Bangkok Fee Mue brand, Singing bowl, Crystal purified water bottle and related products from Shima Healing Institute.

Soap me ,One of the kind design beach bags and pillow cases by French artist. Colourful Indian clothing and antique taken up on the far corner of the event. Along with Dog rescue foundation and botanical orchids from local farmer.

Workshop stations were busied with little attendee until the hottest hours of the day then things gets a little less busy in the afternoon and people stayed for a special menu lunch at L’occitan.

The music station rotated to Lutz Ludwig Kramer & Krit Kesa Gnam to serenade the house in the afternoon hours.

Zazi from Zazi Fire Art contributed to the event with her fire dancing performance as a closure of the day’s celebration and the organic fair.

According to SOS Food insecurity and food waste are two of the most pressing societal and environmental issues of our time. Our programs use food surplus and waste in a meaningful way for communities in need. With educational efforts that engage and encourage communities to make a difference, SOS hopes to create greater awareness and close the life-cycle of this precious resource.

Food insecurity and waste can be overwhelming, and the solutions often seem overly complicated for the individual. SOS lessens the burden of this large undertaking by providing logistics and programs to manage surplus and waste, while teaching our communities to be more conscious of their resources. Food waste happens throughout the entire life cycle of food, from plow to plate, and therefore a single solution is not sufficient. In order to have high impact, create behavioral change, and increase awareness, SOS approaches food waste with several platforms that engage individuals, corporations, and farmers. We provide the logistics, labour, and financial support to facilitate the transfer of food to the most suitable destination. Good, edible food is rescued and shared with communities in need while food scraps are taken to composting farms that create nutrient-rich soil.

Get to know more of SOS here.

Photo courtesy: SOS Thailand

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