Singapore drops quarantine requirements for Denmark and other countries

With vaccinations and infection control, Singapore plans to open up the country more in the coming week and this will also apply to incoming travelers. From next week, Singapore will allow citizens from several countries, including Denmark, to enter the city-state without undergoing quarantine on arrival, BT writes.

According to City Council Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, it is time for Singapore to continue its strategy of living with covid-19. Therefore, the quarantine-free travel from Germany and Brunei, introduced last month, will be extended to nine other countries from 19 October.

This applies to vaccinated travelers from Denmark, Canada, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, and the USA and from November also South Korea.

Singapore has had severe restrictions during the pandemic to control coronavirus infection. There have been relatively few corona-related deaths in the city government, but severe shutdowns have weakened Singapore’s status as a business and aviation hub.

In a speech Saturday, Lee Hsien Loong said the Delta variant has shown that coronavirus will not go away. “But with vaccinations, distance requirements, and careful monitoring of the virus, it is possible to live with the “new normal”, he said. In the speech, the Prime Minister also said that several other restrictions will be eased. This means, among other things, that vaccinated citizens can go to restaurants and shop in shopping malls. 

Lee Hsien Loong acknowledges that easing travel restrictions is likely to lead to an increase in the number of infected. But he points out that the travel bubble with Germany and Brunei has shown that vaccinated people can travel safely without having to be quarantined at a hotel on arrival.

In the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ most recently updated travel guide from 1 October, all unnecessary travel to Singapore is discouraged due to significant entry restrictions.

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