Singapore – the best country for expats

The ferris wheel in Singapore

Singapore is the best place in the world to live as an expat. That is the primary conclusion from the yearly survey done by HSBC, a banking and financial services holding company.

The survey explores terms such as the quality of moving a family to a country, the financial gains and daily life and and experience. And over all, Singapore leads the way for an expat life.

The reason for Singapore to be this high on the list is a combination of several aspects – that the locals are easy to have a conversation with, that you get an economic gain for moving to Singapore, that it is a good place to live for the family and that you have a lot of experience to gain from moving there. Overall, Singapore gets a score of 0.59.

But looking further into the report, several Scandinavian countries stand out as well. Norway is the second best country to move to with a score of 0.59 and thereby just missing out on the top spot. Sweden is the eighth.

And expats seem to be living a satisfactory life out there in the world. In the survey 41 percent said that moving had given them an overall more positive look on life while the 53 percent of the expats moving home admitted that they ‘miss the life abroad.’

The survey can be further studied here.

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