Spot the cats and bike with the kids on the walls of Penang streets

Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa in Paris, Pablo Picasso’s Guernica in Madrid and Edvard Munch’s The Scream in Oslo are just a few pieces of art which attract numerous of tourists to their home towns.

Similarly, George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008, on the Malaysian island of Penang, is a special place for art-lovers. While it isn’t one specific painting in a museum calling for a visit, the streets of the city are filled with fun, creative art.

In 2012, the Penang municipality invited Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic to transform the streets with some dashes of paint. Since then, the town has become a colourful canvas.

There are plenty of chances to get a fun, interactive photo, as several of the paintings compliment or include parts of buildings.

For instance, you can jump on the swing with two playful children, sit on a bicycle, and throw a ball in a basketball hoop. For some reason, there are also a lot of cat paintings.

The art covers a large part of the city centre, so grab yourself a map of some of the most iconic pieces and go on an unusual sightseeing tour.

penang street art

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