Star Tour Norway aiming for Myanmar

In October this year, Myanmar might be seeing more of tourists from the north as Star Tour Norway starts offering package solutions.

“It’s almost a bit historic to be the first travel agency that offers package solutions to the country,” says Lena Petersson from Star Tour.

“Many have wished to travel there but for obvious reasons many have chosen to follow Aung San Suu Kyi’s advice not to visit the country. After her release, Aung San Suu Kyi has welcomed tourists. I traveled to Myanmar for the first time in 2011,” she adds.

When Star Tour starts going to Myanmar it will be with airplane from Oslo to Bangkok and then one to Yangon. The price will be from 20,000 NOK for a 14 night stay at Amata Resort & Spa.

“Being closed for so long also means that culture and nature is well preserved. Traveling to Myanmar is like traveling back in time – time has stood still here,” Petersson says.

Petersson believes that tourism is important to the country but at first Star Tours will operate with smaller tours and with a respect for the locals while it is important that the money goes to the people and not the regime. At Ngapali Beach they will use two private hotels with no connection to the regime.



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