Swede suspected of “buying” 11 year old Thai girl

A 65 year old Swede is suspected of buying sex with an 11 year old girl in Thailand via two women. The Swede is now wanted by the Thai police but has left the country.

The identity of the Swedish man is still unknown. Thai police say that they have contacted the Swedish authorities to exchange information.

The girl was supposedly sold to the 65 year old in Soi Cowboy in Bangkok. Since then he has been with the girl on February 2 and February 5.

Two women, 32 and 46, have been arrested in Bangkok, suspected of having sold the girl to the Swede.

The Swedish man is also suspected of having bought sex from other underage girls. Thai investigators also believe that he has filmed the act in several cases to later sell the material abroad, says Pol Maj Gen Chavalit Sawaengphuet, head of Thai police’s group for anti-trafficking.

In Bangkok, there are two liaison officers from Nordic police cooperation. Their tasks include sex crimes against children. The police are aware with the case but cannot give any comments.

If the man has traveled to Sweden, Swedish police will take over the investigation. If it is evident that he is guilty, he can be prosecuted in Sweden.

“We have worked successfully and have been able to trap multiple felons with the help of the police in these countries, such as Thailand,” says Björn Sellström from the Swedish authorities.

The two arrested women, 32 and 46 years old, have been identified. In addition to sex crimes they are also suspected of trafficking, seeing as the 11 year old girl is from Cambodia. One of the women says that she has taken care of the girl, after her mother traveled back to Cambodia. The woman also says that the Swedish man approached her to buy sex from the girl, but that she did not ask for any money.

The other woman claims that she was hired as a translator. She says she never knew that he bought sex with the girl, only that he rented two rooms in a hotel.

The eleven-year-old girl has now been taken over by a Thai rehabilitation program.


Source: Aftonbladet

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