Student networking event at the Swedish residence in Singapore

The Embassy, together with the Swedish Business Association of Singapore (SBAS) recently hosted a highly appreciated ‘Student Networking Event’ at the Swedish Residence, with invited representatives from five leading Swedish companies.

In their welcome addresses Ambassador Ingemar Dolfe and Jan Djerf, Chairman of SBAS, highlighted the strong presence of Swedish companies in Singapore (more than 200 companies) and encouraged the talented Singaporean students to maintain close links with Sweden and to look for options in joining Swedish companies.

At the event the students from NTU, NUS and SMU, most of whom had spent six months to a year as exchange students in Sweden, met with representatives from ABB, Atlas Copco, Ericsson, Electrolux and Tetrapak. The companies shared valuable insights about Swedish companies operating in Singapore, including human resource planning and recruitment opportunities at their respective companies.

The company representatives highlighted that they are consistently looking for great young talents to join their organizations and encouraged the students to approach them during the networking session to share more information about recruitment opportunities and HR practices.

Enthusiastic and inspiring discussions took place during the networking session and the students’ motivation to work for the companies were strengthened even further.  Every year close to 400 Singaporeans go to different universities in Sweden and they bring back positive views on the business climate in Sweden, Swedish entrepreneurship and leadership style.  Sweden is the most popular destination in the EU, after the UK, for Singaporean exchange students.


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