Celebrity chef Eyvind Hellstrøm to promote Norwegian seafood in Singapore

Sky on 57, situated on top of Tower 1 of Marina Bay Sands, is one of Singapore’s best restaurants and the kitchen is run by chef Justin Quek who this week shares the space with his long-time friend chef Eyvind Hellstrøm.

The cooperation leading up to the Norwegian Seafood promo at Sky on 57 was initiated by the Singaporean seafood company Snorre Food and it’s CEO Frank Naesheim. Snorre Food delivers a large portion of the seafood products used at Sky on 57 and Marina Bay Sands, and as a former chef Frank Naesheim has worked closely with both Hellstrøm and Quek over many year. Last time Quek and Hellstrøm worked together at the two Michelin star restaurant Bagatelle in Oslo, Norway, says Christian Chramer, the Norwegian Seafood Council’s representative in South-East Asia.

Chef Eyvind Hellstrøm will be responsible for the special Norwegian lunch and dinner menu in the period from Tuesday the 16th of April till Saturday the 20th of April. Dishes presenting Norwegian salmon, king crab, cod and scallops will be part of what Team Hellstrøm and Quek offer to the guests during the Norwegian seafood week at Sky on 57.

“A cooperation between local and Norwegian chefs is something we aim for at Snorre Food,” say’s CEO Frank Naesheim.

“We have worked with a large number of celebrity chefs and Hellstrøm is an old friend of both our firm and of Norwegian seafood. This time we have also brought in a young Norwegian chef, 26 year old Adrian Løvold who we have been working with on various projects in South East Asia over the last two months,” says Naesheim.

Salmon is the number one seafood product from Norway to Singapore with 83 % of the market share. Norwegian salmon and other seafood is increasingly popular with restaurants, hotels and Singaporean food enthusiasts.


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