Sweden supports LGBT rights in E, SE Asia

The Development Cooperation Section at the Swedish Embassy in Thailand has today agreed with UNDP to support the programme; “Being LGBT in Asia phase 2: Supporting LGBT inclusive development in Southeast and East Asia”. The Swedish support has a regional focus where the project will engage directly with all key stakeholders who can contribute to the protection and promotion of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and intersex (LGBTI) person’s rights in the region. lgbt_undp

LGBTI persons is one of the region’s vulnerable groups. The intervention targets promotion of human rights of LGBTI persons and also as part of that to combat inequality and gender-based violence in the region. Sweden will within the program also focus on gender equality within the LGBT group by especially raising the situation for lesbian women and transgender persons.

The program will be implemented by UNDP and it is a joint program financed by Sweden, Usaid and UNDP. USaid will mainly fund the national components within the program in China, Indonesia, Philippines, Mongolia and Thailand.

The Embassy is looking forward to this collaboration and to support the strengthening of the respect for human rights for LGBTI persons.

Source: Swedish Embassy in Thailand

Follow the link for more information about Being LGBT in Asia

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