Swedish Climeon AB landed in Taiwan

Waste heat and geothermal heat make up one of the World’s largest energy sources and it is highly underutilized today. The Climeon Heat Power System uses this energy source to produce a clean and reliable baseload power supply, available at all hours of the day and night, independent of weather conditions.

Without getting into too much engineering details, we (Climeon) believe this source of energy is a direction in which everyone should be heading, hence bear with us when we try to explain the intricate process of bringing renewable and sustainable juice to Taiwan power outlet!

Inside the Climeon unit a heat exchanger transfers the heat to internal fluid, which evaporates due to its lower boiling point. The vapors are then expanded over a turbine to run a generator and produce electricity. The working fluid at the exit of the turbine is condensed by direct contact with cooled fluid in a condensation vessel. A part of fraction of the fluid at the exit of the condensation vessel goes to the hot side heat exchanger, and the rest is circulated through the cold side heat exchanger where the unused heat is rejected to cooling water. At this point, cooler heat source re-injects into the reservoir for geothermal heat or sent for industrial process.

Click this link to learn more about the process.

Climeon AB is a Sweden-based company within the renewable energy sector has recently joined the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, as well as joining forces within the maritime industry to decarbonize shipping.

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