Thai tourist police crackdown on foreigners

A Swedish man national has been detained by Thailand’s tourist police in a large crackdown on alleged visa offenders.

Photo: Tourist Police Bureau

Thailand’s Tourist Police Bureau has carried out a crackdown on foreigners suspected of breaking visa rules, according to Chiang Rai Times.

The nationwide crackdown was dubbed X-Ray Outlaw Foreigner and the intention is to capture foreigners living in Thailand with the intention to commit transnational crime and other crime that affects national security and Thailand’s tourist image. This includes the romance scammers, credit card frauds and illegal drug sales.

A Swedish national was among the 110 people detained by the tourist police, but nothing else has been released by the authorities as of now.

The raids primarily happened in Bangkok but several surrounding provinces with a significant amount of foreigners were raided as well.

A total of 1,517 foreign suspects have been caught at 3,799 locations across the country so far.

Pol Maj Gen Surachate said the problem of foreigners entering the country illegally and overstaying their visas has gradually improved.

He asked operators of restaurants and other businesses in tourist attractions to alert authorities if they notice foreigners overstaying their visas or committing offences.

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