Thailand enhances safety for tourists after mall incident

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Thailand will take some steps to improve the safety for foreign tourists, officials said on 4 October 2023, a day after a teenager shot dead two people, a Chinese visitor and a security staff, inside a popular shopping mall in Bangkok.

Tourism Minister, Sudawan Wangsuphakijkosol, stressed that the case at Siam was an ‘isolated incident’. But law enforcement agencies will still tighten weapon screening at shopping malls as well as at other tourists spots, she stated.

Foreign tourists are a must for Thailand’s economic recovery since the pandemic, so this incident surely casts a shadow on the expectations to attract more travelers.

“The shooting will hurt confidence of tourists and sentiment,” Burin Adulwattana, chief economist at Bangkok-based Kasikorn Research Center expressed.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand will also enhance their communication strategies to help ease concerns among travelers, and will make sure to improve Thailand’s image as a safe destination.

Source: BNN Bloomberg

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