Thailand has some of the best snake oil

Scientists in Bangkok found out that snakes from Thailand produce the world’s best oil, when it comes to cosmetic production.

Because of the tropical climate, snakes in Thailand have an anti fungal ingredient, which makes their oil far better than snakes from colder climates, a new investigations shows.

It is scientists from a university in Bangkok, who have compared the chemical composition in the oil from different species of snakes, Bangkok Post writes.

Snake oil is used in the cosmetic industry to make moisturizing cream and bleaching. Companies in South Korea and Japan breed snakes to produce the oil.

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  1. Further bad news for the snakes in S.E.A. Vietnam has already decimated their snake populastion to the brink of extinction. If you did’nt know ladies, a lot of animals give their lives for your vanity… Use organic cosmetics or don’t use it at all and by the way stop using plastic bags while your at it 😉

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