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The White Shuffle at the Novotel Suites, Sukhumvit 34, is a relatively new oasis in bustling Bangkok. I had the pleasure to be invited to this oasis recently together with a few journalists/bloggers.

We were all warmly greeted by the staff who introduced us to the hotel facilities including the pool, children’s playroom, sauna, a small elegant meeting room and the exclusive restaurant on two floors. The interior design is contemporary with a cozy atmosphere.

White Shuffle offers a unique concept for Bangkok. Where else can you go for a brunch that goes throughout the day, tasting the most delicious dishes at your own pace?

Let me tell you a little about the young and very skilled Swiss Chef Yannick who is responsible for all the delicacies.
Yannick was born and raised in the eastern part of Switzerland, not far from Lake Constanz.

After he finished both primary and secondary school in Switzerland, he became an apprentice in a “fine dining” restaurant in his home area. He proudly tells me that he graduated as one of the best of his class year.

He was now ready to push himself to reach higher levels, to take on new challenges and participate in competitions. He has been practicing at The Grand Master Asian Culinary Chef Academy here in Bangkok, which he completed in 2020, after 10 weeks of hard and intense work by practicing Thai, Chinese and Japanese cooking.

Yannick showed already at a young age a big interest in food and cooking. While his friends were out playing, he often preferred to assist his Mum in the kitchen. Every year he sent Santa Claus a Christmas wish list, asking for cook books instead of toys and other things.

I wanted to know who he was inspired by, and he told me, “At a very young age I was inspired by grand Chefs like Paul Bocuse, and the grand Chef’s appearances in their white Chef uniforms and the big Chef hats, were appealing to me.”

During my time working as a professional, I would say that the Chefs who have inspired me the most are: Sergio Hermann, Andreas Caminada and Björn Frantzen, their creativity and innovative work don’t leave you unaffected.”

My idol will still be my father, who taught me the key to success, and not only concerning cooking. He supported me all the way and encouraged me to strive for perfection”.

I knew, before meeting Chef Yannick that he was going to prepare one of the Swedes’ most famous and basic dishes, MEATBALLS. I had to ask how a Swiss Chef gets the idea of preparing Swedish dishes when Switzerland is so famous for its exquisite food.

“I’m very interested in food from the Nordic countries. In those cuisines, the high quality of products speak for themselves, you don’t have to change the products too much. I am really a fan of pure flavors and my motto is “less is more”. I worked in several Michelin Restaurants during a short period in Sweden, and Stockholm is, by far, my favorite city in Europe. I love the vibe of Stockholm.”
I have to agree with him, but Zurich is, in my opinion, also a wonderful city with plenty of great restaurants.

Chef Yannick has not only worked in Switzerland and Sweden, but also at many other places in central Europe before starting to work in Bangkok.

I was interested to find out why he decided to come to Bangkok and got to know that he has been here quite often during the last years for participating in fishing trips and jungle expeditions as a fishing guide. During those tours, he discovered Thailand’s interesting culture and its amazing food and flavors.

“I wanted to find out more about Asian food and techniques, especially more about Thai cuisine. I went to “The Thai Chef School” in Bangkok and after finishing, I decided to stay here in Bangkok, as I see it as an interesting challenge and where I can improve my skills.”

I had to ask what his opinion is about Thailand and Yannick answers; “I really like it here. There are so many possibilities and so much interesting things to do and places to discover, amazing nature and culture, the food, the people and not to forget, the tropical climate”.

What about the Swiss mountains I couldn’t help asking. “Of course, sometimes I do miss the Swiss mountains and snow,” he says with a smile.

Yannick admits that starting a new life in Bangkok required some adaptation in his mindset and routines, as there are many cultural differences between life here and back in Europe.

“I think I can say, I learned quickly a lot of new things, but unfortunately my Thai language skills aren’t that good yet, but I’m improving, it’s getting better day by day”.

What are your future goals, then?

“My goals for the near future are of course, to be successful with White Shuffle Restaurant, to become recognized for what we try to do here and let the restaurant become a place known for high quality and great food. My wish is also to get more knowledge about the domestic products, getting to know the producers and push myself to a new level. My goal is quite simple: I want to have a restaurant with 100% my own DNA/Ideas and a healthy family with kids.”

During our brunch at White Shuffle, Chef Yannick prepared for us many delicious dishes: A healthy, fresh Tuna tartar beautifully presented, a plate with fried eggs, a sausage, the crispiest bacon I’ve ever tasted, and the famous Swiss Rösti (kind of potato cake), a Wagyu Beef French Toast, Shrimp Twist Noodles, a Kurobuta Pork Tomahawk, and a Peach Passion & Espresso delight as the finishing touch.

The Signature cocktail “Passionate” made of fresh Passion Fruit /Peppermint /Sprite and Passion Jelly was delicious. The price range starts with 320 Thb up to 590 Thb and the Passionate cocktail is offered for 140 Thb.

If you like the idea of spending a day or a few hours away from the busy city streets, this is the place to visit. Go for a dip in the inviting pool, have a relaxed lunch, let the kids play in the play room. It’s not hard at all to spend the whole day in these inviting surroundings where the staff and Chef do everything to make you feel at home.

Once a month a DJ plays Jazz in the evenings on the 2nd floor of White Shuffle.

As yet there is no dinner service and only 60-70 rooms are open, but will change in the near future. From middle March also a Set lunch menu will be available.

Follow the weekly promotions and spoil yourself, just because you are worth it!



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