Norwegian Multiconsult signed for Norwegian land-based salmon farm project in China

Norsal, the Norwegian fish farming company has appointed the Norwegian engineering consultancy, Multiconsult to carry out preliminary work on a 30,000-metric-ton land-based salmon farm in Yantai, China.

The two parties recently signed a contract for the plant that, after the first phase is completed, will have a capacity of 10,000 metric tons of harvested fish a year, building up to 30,000 metric tons in phase two.

After Multiconsult has carried out preliminary work on the pilot project, it will then be taken over by a local Chinese company.

To Intra Fish, Erlend Kent, Multiconsult Department Manager said that the contract is very important to Multiconsult as it is the first major contract the company has won for a fish farm to be built in China. “Here, it is planned to build several such facilities in the years to come. The pilot project will give us valuable knowledge about local Chinese conditions such as relations with the authorities, culture, and how the construction industry operates there,” Erlend Kent said.

Yantai is a key area for fish and seafood in China, with access to a growing national market for high-quality salmon. The area is also classified as a “free trade zone.”

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