The Embassy of Denmark in Hanoi celebrates Copenhagen 2021 and #youareincluded

“We in Hanoi are celebrating Copenhagen 2021 and #youareincluded”, the Embassy of Denmark in Hanoi shared on 16 August.

According to the Embassy, Copenhagen 2021 is an important platform to promote LGBTI rights globally and is a priority for Denmark.

“At the Embassy of Denmark in Hanoi, we seize this opportunity and proudly contribute to promoting Danish core values on human rights for the LGBTI community such as equality, inclusion, freedom, and diversity,” the Embassy stated.

Moreover, the Embassy noted that Denmark for decades has been amongst the most progressive nations in the world for LGBTI+ rights, starting with decriminalizing homosexuality in 1933 and legalizing same-sex unions since 1989. As a mission in Vietnam, the Embassy feels aligned with the core values of Copenhagen 2021, and they would like to bring this #YouAreIncluded campaign to people – wherever they are in the world.

“Join us and celebrate Copenhagen 2021 here in Hanoi, with rainbow flags up in the air!” the Embassy wrote.  

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