Danish and Swedish Ambassadors in Hanoi promote World Pride and EuroGames 2021

Photo: Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam

In a recent update, the Danish Ambassador to Vietnam Kim Højlund Christensen highlights Copenhagen 2021, the joint celebration of World Pride and EuroGames taking place in Copenhagen and Malmo from 12 August to 22 August 2021 and encourages people all over Vietnam to join the celebrations and create awareness. 

Ambassador Kim Højlund Christensen writes:

World Pride and EuroGames 2021: From Copenhagen and Malmo to Hanoi

My fellow Swedish Ambassador Ann Måwe and I are proud to present to you Copenhagen 2021, a joint celebration of World Pride and EuroGames taking place in Copenhagen and Malmö from August 12-22, 2021. 

It is the most significant LGBTQI+ event taking place anywhere in 2021. The event is a celebration of equality and diversity, aimed at increasing visibility and raising awareness of LGBTQI+ issues, and combating discrimination in sport. For the first time in history, World Pride and EuroGames will be held in two cities in two countries: Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, and the Swedish neighboring city Malmö 

From Hanoi, we will, together with millions of people all over the world, join the event in Copenhagen and Malmö to celebrate our community and pave the way to a more equal and inclusive world.

#YouAreIncluded is our theme for 2021. We’re using the #YouAreIncluded theme to shine a light on the situation for LGBTI+ people across the world. Tell us what #YouAreIncluded means to you, in your town or city, school or college, workplace, at home, just walking down the street by completing this form https://copenhagen2021.com/youareincluded/

Your answers will be placed on a huge online map on 11 August, and some will be broadcasted on social media. And answers will also be shared with global leaders and politicians, to focus their minds on the changes we need to see. There will also be EuroGames 2021, which is an LGBTQI+ inclusive sporting event. EuroGames is safe and secured.

We would like to invite you wherever you are in Vietnam to join in the spirit in Copenhagen and Malmö to raise the rainbow flag and stand up for equality in Denmark, Sweden, Vietnam, and around the world.

Photo: Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam

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