The theme for Nordcham Philippines Nordic Ambassadors’ Forum is health

Join the Nordic Ambassadors’ Forum organized by the Nordic Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines on 9 December. The theme this year is health.

More about the event:

Publicly financed comprehensive healthcare systems guarantee access to high-quality healthcare at minimal or no direct cost to patients in the Nordic region. The three key elements of healthcare policy are access, treatment, and public health. There is an overall structure and operation despite the differences in tackling the previously-mentioned elements in the region. The WHO and other studies rate Nordic countries high, and they have the best health statistics in the world.

For this edition of the Nordic Ambassador’s Forum, the focus will be on building a healthier future. The main topics of the presentation will be the following:

Life sciences – enabling today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare solutions

Personalized Medicine

Digital Revolution in Healthcare

Sustainable and Universal Health Strategy in Denmark

Join us and learn from each speaker why they ranked highly and have the best health statistics in the world.

We highly encourage health professionals, the public and private sector, and healthcare company representatives to attend this forum on the 9th of December 2021 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Find more information here

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