Thor departs Hong Kong on his mission to visit every country in the world without flying

The Danish Seamen’s Church Hong Kong’s super-assistant Torbjørn “Thor” Pedersen has after two years departed Hong Kong on his mission to visit every country in the world without flying.

Thor left Denmark in 2013 and has since embarked on the ‘Once Upon a Saga’ project which is a journey to visit every country in the world without the use of air travel. In April 2020 he had visited 194 of the planned 203 nations but got stuck in Hong Kong due to the pandemic. There he took up the role of helping the Danish Seamen’s Church to secure supplies for crews on Danish flagged ships docking at the city’s port.

As the pandemic is easing across the globe, however, Thor is once again back on track to complete his mission and last week the 42-year-old adventurer boarded the vessel Suva Chief which will take him to Australia.

About his departure, Thor says on his Facebook page that it is with mixed emotions that he is leaving his home for the past two years. 

“Mixed emotions to say the least leaving so much behind. But this is the progress we’ve been working towards for YEARS now!!! I’m absolutely grateful to Swire Shipping and the brave crew on board the good ship “Suva Chief”. Such a beauty!! Build in 2021 she’s only 1 year old and by far the newest ship I’ve ever traveled onboard. The voyage to Australia takes about 14-days. I’ve been well-received onboard. The adventure continues!!,”Thor writes.

Also, the Danish Seamen’s Church is sad to see Thor leaving and says in a post, “It has been a pleasure to meet Thor and a big THANK YOU for everything you have done for Sømandskirken and especially for the sailors who often ask “where is the tall guy with the long beard”. Had it not been for Thor, the Seamen’s Church in Hong Kong would not have had anyone to assist the ships for a long time. Good work!.”

Thor writes about his journey on his site Once upon a Saga and he has just posted his last entry from Hong Kong titled “Farewell dear Hong Kong”. Read it here

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