TikTok search for partner in Europe to ease Western fears

TikTok wants to find a “partner” in Europe to be able to guarantee that user data is not transferred to China, TikTok’s deputy director for European public policy, Theo Bertram, says.

TikTok and the company behind the app, Chinese ByteDance, have been criticized by both authorities and politicians in the West due to suspicions that ByteDance passes on TikTok users’ data to the Chinese government.

“These are genuine concerns that Western governments have about China. As a company founded in China, I think we have a higher obligation to demonstrate how we secure users’ data,” says Bertram.

Last week, the Danish parliament advised against the use of the app on mobile devices by members and employees of the parliament. The EU Commission and the European Council also announced that the app would be banned from employees’ phones.

TikTok aims to copy a model it has in the US with the American company Oracle, that stores data from US users.

“To really convince the public, we have to do the same in Europe,” says Bertram.

He also reveals, that TikTok are working on three new data centers, but without giving further details on the project.

Source: BT.dk

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