Many Danish TikTok users are considering deleting the app

40.9 percent of Danish TikTok users are considering deleting the app, a Danish survey shows.

Danish users of the popular SoMe app is uncertain as to whether they should keep the app on their phone. 40.9 percent of Danes who use the app are considering to delete it, 4.1 percent have already deleted it, while the remaining 55 percent are not considering deleting it.

This is shown by a survey for the Danish news agency Ritzau. The answers from the 1,000 representatively selected respondents were collected in the period 6-10 of March.

In February, the Center for Cyber Security (CFCS) advised state employees against having TikTok installed on official devices. There hasn’t been given any recommendation for the rest of the population.

The app is developed and owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. In an analysis from Internet 2.0, it appeared that TikTok is the social media app that collects the most data on its users. Data that the company is suspected of passing on to the Chinese government.

The use of the app is also discouraged because it demands to gain a lot of access on the phone it is installed on.

Several ministries, the media and the Danish Parliament have recently encouraged their employees to delete TikTok from their work phones.


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