TikTok taking a step towards launching Norwegian data center

Social media giant TikTok has now acquired a facility in Norway from Green Mountain AS, to establish its largest European data center. A data center that has formerly been raising concerns over data security.

The move is part of TikTok’s initiative, Project Clover. The project aims at addressing these concerns regarding data security and the Chinese government’s access to European user data.

“We know you’re skeptical about us, and so we know we have to earn that trust,” said TikTok’s VP of government relations, Theo Bertram.

Project Clover involves building digital barriers and storing European user data locally. The Norwegian data center, located in Hamar, will operate sustainably on renewable energy, with plans to repurpose generated heat.

Scheduled to launch next summer, the data center in Hamar will comprise three buildings. TikTok intends to invest 12 billion euros over the next decade in the project. The company aims to build trust by allowing British cybersecurity firm NCC to independently engage with data protection authorities and national cybersecurity organizations.

The move signifies TikTok’s commitment to data privacy and security amid regulatory challenges and skepticism. Several countries and institutions, including the European Parliament and European Commission, have previously expressed concerns, leading to bans on TikTok.

Source: channelnewsasia.com

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