Tuborg gives Laotians chance to win trip to Denmark

tuborg campain laos open
Photo: Tuborg

Danish Carlsberg’s beer brand Tuborg has invited Laotians to participate in competition for a trip to five countries including Denmark according to The Drum.

The competition is part of the campaign ‘Open to More’, launched by Tuborg. It is part of the company’s new strategy to be more local.

The campaign in Laos urges people to take on new experiences.

Thus, to enter the competition they must do so. Participants have to make a video of themselves being adventurous. Featuring a bottle of Tuborg beer of course.

Examples include dancing publicly, trying new exotic foods and taking selfies with strangers, The Drum writes.

The lucky Laotian who proves adventurous enough for Tuborg will win an all-expense paid trip around the world. There will be five stops in China (Asia), Los Angeles in the United States (Americas), Kenya (Africa), Denmark (Europe) and Australia (Oceania) respectively.

In all five destinations, the winner will take part in off the beaten track activities.

Lao Brewery Company, which is partly owned by the Carlsberg Group has great visions for the outcomes of the campaign.

For one, Henrik Andersen, managing director of the Lao Brewery Company, has hopes it will help promote tourism in Laos “by encouraging the development of crowdsourced content on discovering the Lao people’s spirit of adventure and the amazing country through the eyes of the people”.

“We would also like to facilitate cultural exchange when we take the winners on a trip of a lifetime to broaden their horizons and meet people across the globe,” the director continued.

“When the winners return, they can further enrich lives by sharing their adventures with their fellow Laotians, so they too can gain a new window to the world while looking forward to experiences of their own.”

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