Carlsberg Malaysia’s Marketing Director promoted to head of Carlsberg Singapore

Caroline Moreau, Carlsberg Singapore’s new GM. Source: LinkedIn

Caroline Moreau has been promoted to the position as General Manager for Carlsberg Singapore.  Caroline has for the past three and a half year been Marketing Director for Carlsberg in Malaysia.

Caroline Moreau, who is  French, started working with the Carlsberg brand more than six years ago. But before that, she was working in France with the beer brand Kronenbourg, which is part of the Carlsberg Group.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Caroline will in Singapore be responsible for sales, marketing, finance, supply, HR, value management, and new business in Singapore.

Before making her way to Carlsberg Asia, Moreau was based in Denmark as global commercial director, craft and specialty beers for the group. In that role, she led brand strategies and plans including new positioning, visual identity, activation, and communication.

“If someone had told me 15 years ago, when I started my career in Carlsberg that I would be entrusted to lead Carlsberg Singapore, I wouldn’t have believed it,” Caroline posted on LinkedIn.

“I am truly grateful to Carlsberg who believed in me and offered me new opportunities in marketing, sales, overseas to grow me all along my career. Their ambition has always been to invest in people, and I could say, based on my 15 years and all the examples around me , that they really walk the talk.”

“A big thank you as well to my mentors, my colleagues, my teams, my Carlsberg friends, and all of those who shared with me advices and experiences … Nothing would have been possible without you… I am lucid enough to know that, to succeed, we need hard work, results and above all great people around us.”

“I am excited and look forward to the endless possibilities that lay ahead.”


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