Vaccine sparks Nordic travel bookings to Thailand

The positive news regarding the Covid-19 vaccine has sparked a boost in booking of travel arrangements to Thailand from Finland and Sweden and now Denmark is following the trend. Bookings to Thailand is amongst the most popular destinations for the second half of 2021.

Last week Søren Brostrøm, Director General of the Danish Health Authority announced that it is expected that all Danes will be vaccinated by the end of June 2021 and with that date in mind, Danes are now eyeing the opportunity to travel abroad again.

The extremely positive announcement has been met with a sharp increasing in holiday bookings for several travel companies in Denmark. Mikkel Hansen, communication manager at Tui’s says in an interview with Jyllands-Posten, that the announcement from the government resulted in an increase of 129 percent in travel bookings compared to the day before.

Mikkel Hansen explains that like in the other Nordic countries, the Greek holiday islands of Crete and Rhodes are very popular destinations amongst summer bookings but the company is, in addition, experiencing a high demand for travel to Thailand in the second half of 2021. Thailand is also by far the most popular destination for winter 2022 bookings and the company already has six times as many bookings to the land of smiles compared to January last year.

According to a new statistic released by the charter industry association, Tour Operators in Denmark, RID, 2020 was a catastrophic year for the travel industry. All corona-related travel restrictions made the year the worst year in the history of the charter industry, and the number of trips fell by more than 80 percent.

Mikkel Hansen notes that even though travel companies are experiencing increased demand and noticeable percentage increases week after week, they are still far from the level seen pre-corona times.

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6 Comments on “Vaccine sparks Nordic travel bookings to Thailand”

  1. Exactly which “positive news regarding the vaccine” is this article referring to? The news that the vaccine doesn’t prevent the spread of the virus, but merely eases the symptoms if you become infected?

    The risk of taking the vaccine considering it’s unknown long-term side-effects, is far greater than the virus itself.

    People who’s scared senseless of covid, barricading themselves at home, wearing a double layer of masks, they are the ones most willing to take the vaccine. At the same time they’re the ones least likely to travel in the foreseeable future.

    Freedom-loving people like myself, who used to do 10-12 air-travel roundtrips a year, are least willing to test the vaccine for the producer. So to think vaccine will kickstart world travel is a misunderstanding, simply opening the borders and airports and leave the hysteria begin and will do the job.

    You don’t have the guts to publish my comment. Pathetic. How much are you being paid to advertise for the “vaccine”? Search scandasia on Bitchute, Facebook and Parker in 12 hours. Thanks

  2. Is that a joke? Fake news perhaps.

    Over 50% of the world’s Pilots are currently unemployed. Layoffs continue, the virus continues, long term effects and vaccines are unknown and untested.

    Trouble is not just brewing in The South China Sea, but right next door in Burma.

    Thailand is having more protests, investments and speculators are leaving by the droves…..

    But Mette Larson thinks a couple of bookings is encouraging and insightful?

  3. This story has no substance, there is nobody booking holidays to a country that has mandatory 2 week Quarantine.

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