Vietnam asks Denmark for help registering Danes in Ho Chi Min city who wish to be vaccinated 

The Vietnamese authorities have asked the Danish Embassy in Vietnam to calculate the number of Danes in Ho Chi Minh City who want to be included in the future COVID-19 vaccination plans, the Embassy writes in a recent update.

The Embassy states that Danes over the age of 18 who wish to register for an offer to be vaccinated locally by the Vietnamese authorities, please send an e-mail with the subject vaccination, including their own name, to the Danish embassy at email

Moreover, the Embassy states that the Danish embassy in Vietnam is not involved in the vaccination process, and is solely at Vietnamese request to calculate how many Danes in Ho Chi Minh City are interested in being vaccinated locally. 

The embassy can therefore not answer questions about the further process. It is of course voluntary if you want to participate, and you must be aware that the list with name and email is sent to the Vietnamese authorities.

You can read about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ privacy policy here

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