Vietnamese industrial designer has a special love for Lego

REUTERSs/Minh Nguyen

Hoang Dang is a Vietnamese industrial designer who has loved Lego all his life. On an overseas trip to Detroit, US a few years ago he started seriously collecting the small building bricks and now he has a room full of boxes, cabinets, and drawers with Lego bricks.

Hoang Dang is very inspired by Vietnamese scenes and has recreated his childhood home, a Hanoi temple, and a 1990s living room during Lunar New Year, all in intricate and colorful miniature detail.

In an interview with Reuters, Hoang Dang explains that Vietnam’s Lego building community is still fairly unknown regionally and globally so his mission is to bring his perspective to friends all over the world.

Lego was established in Denmark and the name is an abbreviation of “leg godt” meaning “play well” in Danish. The industrial designer has a proud collection of over two million Lego bricks but he is always on the hunt for new pieces. Through a Facebook group for Lego builders and collectors he has met other fellow “Lego friends” as he calls them including Khang Huynh in Ho Chi Minh City.

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