Viking Fest 2013 a hit

The Viking Fest 2013 in Bangkok this Saturday is a hit both in terms of tickets sold and sponsors signing up to support the event. All 80 tickets were sold out by Tuesday this week and as this is the capacity of the boat it is not possible to print more tickets.

Sponsors have also been very responsive to support the event, which is jointly organized by Scandinavian Society Siam and Admiral’s Pub & Restaurant.

“Chang Beer and Mekong will sponsor the event with lots of Chang Export Beer and Mekong Whisky,” says Jorgen Lundbaek, who has been in charge of the sponsor drive.

“Chang Beer will also use the occasion to introduce their latest new product, a new cocktail drink called “Thai Sabai”,” he adds.

On the beverage side, there are three more sponsors.

“Jakob Rasmussen from Hopsession is sponsoring the welcome drink at Admiral’s when we get back there. It is a special “mjoed” brew fittingly called Viking Blood Mead,” Jorgen Lundbaek says.

“Beervana, another craft beer importer, is sponsoring 80 bottles of Dead Guy Ale.”

“Finally, earmarked in support of wine for the non-beer drinkers, we have received 3.000 Baht from Mirage Condominium in Sukhumvit Soi 27.”

More donations in cash have also poured in.

“VIKING Life-Saving Equipment (Thailand) Ltd. has donated 10.000 Baht.  From Torben Nybo Jensen, TLI Scan Global Logistics Limited, we have received 5.000 Baht. Even from as far away as Vietnam, support has poured in with Nordcham HCMC president Sigmund Stroemme from Thoresen Vinama Logistic Company and Baconco in Vietnam supporting the initiative with 300 US dollars.”

Initially not sure if the concept would become a success, Scandinavian Society Siam had received guarantees from Hakan Alm, Morten Luxhoi, Poul Skov-Petersen, Sune Sucksdorff, Gregers Moller and Robert Kronberg that each of them would chip in 5.000 Baht in case the party would become a flop. With the strong support and the sold out tickets, the Scandinavian Society Siam can now thank these people for running the risk, but let them off the hook.

“Well, the Viking Fest is clearly not a flop now, but we could actually need a bit more in support of the wine,” says Jorgen Lundbaek, who promises to throw in an “after party” for the sponsors only at a later time.


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