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The Embassy of Sweden in Manila together with Swedish fashion brands, H&M Philippines, BabyBjorn and Houdini Sportswear, has launched a three-month long fashion exhibition named “Fashion Revolution: The Future of Textiles” in Manila.

Just like its name, the theme of “Fashion Revolution: The Future of Textiles” will focus on the past and the future of fashion industry in regard to its hardships and solutions from the past and the guidance that will help consumer to consider environmental issues more in order to make the world more sustainable in the future.

At the launching ceremony of the exhibition, Harald Fries, the Swedish Ambassador to the Philippines, mentioned about the effect that fashion can have on our world.

“Clothes affect all of us on this planet. We are all consumers regardless of whether we follow the latest fashion, wear hand-me-downs, shop at large chains or buy tailor-made,” Fries said.


Ambassador Harald Fries gives his speech at the opening of the exhibition

He also highlights the goal of this exhibition that is to stay “fashionably sustainable” and suggests that to reach this goal people should be more conscious and mindful of their consumption.

“The first and biggest step is to make conscious and informed choices — from something as simple as not using single-use plastics to prolonging the life of your clothing and shopping second-hand,” he said.

“Fashion Revolution: The Future of Textiles” will run from January 30 to April 30 2019 at Upper gallery Metropolitan Museum of Manila.

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